Since 1969, Arlington Construction Services’ reputation and integration with Arlington Properties’ development division has allowed us to build or renovate more than 37,000 apartment homes that serve the luxury and affordable housing markets.

We specialize in constructing Class A, low income, tax credit and assisted living properties, as well as repositioning a variety of property types. This experience translates into our ability to bring a creative and a resourceful approach to each project we face. Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of multifamily construction, which enables us to be highly efficient, provide solid estimates and respond to challenges quickly.

Through integration among Arlington Properties’ three divisions, Arlington Construction Services is able to provide strategic counsel during a project’s development phase and also handle maintenance and renovation needs after a project’s completion.

Our Team

Arlington Construction Services is a diverse team of skilled professionals who collectively bring years of knowledge and experience, as well as a fresh ingenuity, to each project. Our team is committed to transparency and honesty through all of our actions, which extends beyond property lines and into the community relationships we have cultivated and nurtured the past 50 years.